Working from Home

Yesterday was a rouhh day for me work wise. My son was a little sick so he stayed home from summer camp to get some rest. Technically he is old enough to spend the day home by himself but there is no reason to put him through that. Besides he wasn’t the cause of my troubles anyway.

I have a stand up desk at home which basically just means I have a desktop sitting on top of my dresser with a tv attached to it. The screen is relatively small and in order to get to my work I need to VPN/Remote Desktop to my work computer. All of this is workable but it leaves me squinting to see the screen and feeling generally disconnected from the work I’m doing.

It just doesn’t feel productive.

Today I was back in the office. I had a couple of meetings and waz able to buckle down and sort through the work that needed to be done. I didn’t finish everything I would have liked but there was progress and I feel more organized. 

I’ll be able to tackle next week head on.

An additional problem with working from home is I don’t have easy access to the gym. I’m not even getting in the steps I would get with walking to and from the metro. All of that impacts my mood and until I can come up with a good way to compensate I am afraid I just won’t be working from home on a regular basis.

That’s ok. Commuting has its benefits.