Amazon-ing Music

Last year for Christmas, my wife and I each received an Amazon Echo Dot. It was an awesome gift that quickly made itself a prominent home in our family. Perhaps my favorite part of it is the shared shopping list which has replaced the pre-printed paper with checkboxes that we used to use.

The other thing to love is the music. Alyson bought the Unlimited Family plan which more or less lets us verbally asked for any song that pops into our head. This has given us the opportunity to try and teach the kids some manners regarding waiting their turn and has quite clearly expanded Caleb’s musical horizons. Unfortunately Erica still has the tendency to start screaming out whatever thought pops into her head the moment you go to request a song and even though I will wait my turn, it is apparently quite annoying to have me request obscure song after obscure song.

The answer to both of those problems is apparently playlists. I started it off by creating a playlist titled ‘Kids Music’ in my account but then Caleb needed a separate one. For myself, I created two playlists. One for all of the Superman related songs I could find and the other I titled ‘Gaelic’ for my Welsh, Scottish, and occasionally Irish needs.

As a cost saving measure, we asked ourselves if we really need the full family account if we’re all using the same devices to play the music. With that in mind, playlists were created for each family member (except Daisy for some reason). Tonight I sat down and put in the work to add songs to my playlist.

I decided that it would be easier to pick songs if I decided on a theme and mostly stuck to it. I wanted songs that provided me with a strong visual. In most cases that meant grabbing a song that brings to mind a movie or TV show. That’s not always the case though. For instance, Pink Floyd’s High Hopes brings to mind Ian Edginton‘s graphic novel Kingdom of the Wicked for me but I wouldn’t expect anyone else to make that connection. On the other hand, who can hear Scotty Doesn’t Know without thinking of a shaved headed Matt Damon or The Touch without thinking about Optimus Prime kicking so much decepticon butt?

I have a suspicious that my family isn’t going to just LOVE me once I start playing this playlist.