Do you believe you can walk on water?

wp-1508001191781426400516.jpgI arrived home late last night. The supershuttle wasn’t sending any vans in my direction so once again I availed myself of my brand new Lyft account. I still would have preferred it if I could just have taken the train home but there isn’t much I can do when flights are delayed.

This morning my family was kind enough to let me sleep in and there was even an apple fritter waiting for me when I woke up.

Rather than hang around the house, we instead went off to our favorite local farm. Our farmers market is closed this weekend so in addition to the pumpkins and the metric ton of apples we picked, we also snuck in a little grocery shopping.

I need another nap.

After the farm, we stopped for pizza for lunch. Towards the end of lunch Imagine Dragons’ ‘Believe’ came on. It is one of our playlist songs and both children got excited with my daughter loudly singing “Do you believe that you can walk on water?” As we left.

Thinking myself clever, I pointed out that there are two types of people who can walk on water: Demigods and Ninjas.

I am kicking myself as I write this for forgetting speedsters.

Of course as we are getting into the car my daughter informs me that I am wrong. Maui is a demigod and he can do anything but float.


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