Flying back home

Just spent the past week at a conference in Nashville. It was basically a fan club for people who like Microsoft financial products.

I really enjoyed going to a number of the sessions and it reminded me how I miss going to panels at conventions and the performances at the renn fair.

I did meet with some of our vendors for this project but wandering through the dealer room makes me nervous in general.

One of my favorite things was of course getting to play with new toys. Both PowerApps and Flow came up as new toys in the sessions and I’ve already created a flow to automatically generate meeting notes in OneNote for events on my calendar. Also we set up an Outlook Group for keeping in touch and taking notes which worked out very well.

Looking forward to flying home. Normally I don’t like to check bags as it slows me down getting out of the airport. On the way in I had difficulty getting my bag into the overhead bins and it is even more stuffed now. Makes me feel like I’m travelling light though. Just me, my phone, and a water bottle.