Goodbye Old Friend

I recently cleaned out my closet and put a number of old gaming books that I’m never going to play again (or in some cases just never going to play) up for sale on Amazon.

I set the prices to their default lowest price because the goal is to get them out of my house. For my wife’s Wheel of Time rpg books that mea t slightly higher than cover price. For my Vampire LARP that means 3 times the cover price. In the case of The Mutants and Masterminds 1st edition core book that means just under $5. Hopefully it is going to a good home.

I only played one character using this book. His name was Blacklight and he was a drug addicted club kid who had his genes rewritten by aliens. I greatly enjoyed the irony of a goth kid who was powered by exposure to the sun.

Once that game ended, I moved on to playing 2nd edition Mutants and Masterminds. That book is signed by the author and is not for sale.

Good bye old friend. I hope you are much loved in your new home.