The Nintendo Entertainment System

I’ve written in the past about how i squired my first computer mowing lawns. I was going to get an NES but my parents convinced me that getting my Tandy 1000HX was a better educational deal. What i don’t think I’ve really gotten into is the fact that a Nintendo Entertainment System did eventually enter my house.

Honestly a lot of the details here are fuzzy so I’m not even particularly clear on the details of how we got it. I have to assume it was a present from my parents.

What i do remember is going over to the local video stores to rent games. I remember trying out a lot of different games on that machine. Classics like Contra, Duck Tales, Megaman, and Super Mario 3. There was also this really cool one where the guy had a sword and a grappling hook.

I also have a strong memory of some of the younger kids in the neighborhood (younger than me anyway) coming over to watch me play Castlevania. For a long time i felt kind of bad about that but now it reminds me of the popularity of Actual Play videos on YouTube. I remember my Dad commenting on the little dance of kids sitting behind me mimicking the way and jump off the controller.

We had the Russian theme version of Tetris too. That was from before the lawsuit with Nintendo. The Russian themed one had these little dancers who would come out every time you finished a level and you went up a level every 30 lines instead of every ten like in the Nintendo version. I was so proud of myself the one time i made it to level 10.

By the time I went away to college we had made the jump up to Super Nintendo. The only reason i can really remember that is because Alyson used to come over a lot in the afternoons to play Donkey Kong after college classes. No wonder Donkey Kong is her best racer in Mario Kart these days.