Back at the Gaming Table

Last weekend after something if a hiatus, our group made it back to the table to continue our exploration of the lost City of Savanth Yee. I have no concept on whether or not that it’s the right spelling as I’ve never seen it in print.

The game was slow with only two fights. One against some vampiric monkey thing and the other against some creatures that were much more tenacious than we thought they would be.

The rest of our time involved a lot of socializing, doing the math to figure out what we were going to do about it fighter’s drained levels, and then doing the math to level ourselves up.

As you can see in the picture, i was able to break out the new game token instead of a mini. It is difficult to get the right picture for my character Phay. She was born a half elf, raised by her human mother, sent off to love with her elven family when her mom died, then reincarnated as a dwarf when she does in the midst of adventure. She is outside of the standard fantasy archetypes.

The picture i am using is Pryessant, from the Spelljammer box set cover. The back off her card lists her 2nd edition stats as a 12th level human warrior. I went with her because she has big red hair which is what I want out of adventurous dwarf.

Sadly, I think I’ll be missing next game which is sad. i was looking forward to trying out Phay’s new mobility tricks with her adamantine machete.

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