Merry Christmas 2017

Holiday-Travel-PoemThis is it. The end of the day on my last day of work for 2017. I am lucky enough to get an early release and then head home to join my family for Christmas Joy. My ‘Out of Office’ message is up and I have just one database query left on my list of things to fix.

Christmas on a Monday makes things a little odd since I’m not leaving to start Christmas Eve festivities as I normally would. Instead we have a Christmas party to attend tomorrow, family events on Christmas Eve, and then if all goes well a nice calm Christmas morning with the kids.

I’m not going to count on ‘calm’ or ‘quiet’ but I’m picking up the supplies for my bloody mary this afternoon.

After Christmas the rest of the week is blocked off for a trip up to Massachusettes to visit my parents and let them fawn over their grandkids for a while. Then back home to recuperate before New Years.

Many blessings to you as you sing back the darkness in whatever way works for you. See you next year.

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