Wherefor Art Thou Psijammers?

Like many people, I hadn’t put much thought into poor Juliette up on her balcony. I just assumed she was wondering where her boy had wandered off to. It was recently pointed out to me that the line could more accurately be phrased as “Why did it have to be Romeo of all people?”

The other day, I received an email telling me it was time to renew my ownership of ‘Psijammers.com’ the domain. It has been almost a year since on a whim I purchased the domain. At the time I’d been using the related gmail account for a while as the secret mail client that my other email addresses fed into. The intention was never to build an online personality around it.

Almost a year later now and it turns out that the name was free for all of my online accounts. The few accounts where I didn’t have the option to change names, it was easy enough to create a new account with the name. I even managed to put it on my facebook account which I had painfully mangled several years earlier. It only took me 3 years to recover from the midlife identity crisis when I abandoned my old name.

The name came from my early days of posting on internet message boards right after the D20 gaming boom. My two favorite topics were Psionics (The unpopular powers of the mind in Dungeons and Dragons) and Spelljammer (The almost but not quite as unpopular setting of Dungeons and Dragons in space). Basically I decided to label myself as a nerd outcast. Seems fitting enough.

One nice thing about taking on the name is that it has settled me down from the naming upheaval I was going through previously. There was a period of time where it was very easy for me to just change user names. Pinterest comes to mind as a platform that I keep trying to use but can’t get into as much as I want. I could just ditch the account and move on but I’ve staked my claim to ‘Psijammers’ over there and if I delete the account then someone else could take the name and that would just annoy me. So mothballs it is. Perhaps in a year I’ll feel differently about the site and give it another go.

I’ve spoken in the past about my love/hate relationship with social media. In 2018 I’d like to live less in the social media realm but with Psijammers in place, I suppose I’ll be less likely to burn the house down when I leave on vacation.

Happy Holidays.

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