A tale about fairies…

Once upon a time where was a magical land with mountains to the north and a sea to the south. It was populated by elves who wore green. The most famous of these elves was a great bard who roamed the land and protected the people. As time went on, the bard was infused by the magic of his diamond harp and became a gargoyle perched upon his tower.

Time went on and the shadows of darkness pulled and clawed at the magical land seeking to corrupt and twist the protector of the land. The gargoyle raged against the spirits for so long that he forgot what he was raging for. The elves had long since fled from the land and the diamond gargoyle turned black as obsidian, a shadow in his own right.

One day a dragon arrived in the valley. Though he wore a mask of shadows and tried to fool the world, the purple dragon could see under the mask and loved him. Day by day that love grew and washed away the darkness until only a touch of it remained… and then it was gone as was the gargoyle.

She led him away to a new wonderland of adventure where they became the parents to two superheroes and their amazing dog. After that, the story gets fuzzy.